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Our Mission

The environment is everyone's concern and we make it our priority.

The Kendall Compliance Group has proven success in helping public and private sector clients solve air, water and land quality, waste management and environmental planning, compliance and cleanup challenges.

Whether you need help with assuring regulatory compliance, developing pro-active environmental management programs, deciding upon a treatment method, storage or disposal facility or cleaning up a contaminated property or waterway, The Kendall Compliance Group offers the environmental expertise you need to achieve your strategic goals. While In the end, you preserve natural resources, reduce environmental risk, protect communities where you operate, and build goodwill with critical stakeholders.

Strategic environmental management. Liability/risk management. Site investigation and remedial design. Construction and project management. Remediation systems design, installation, operations and maintenance. Site closure and redevelopment. The Kendall Compliance Group works with governments and industries to ensure a cleaner, safer and better tomorrow.