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Phase I, Phase II Site investigations and Phase III Remediation projects

The Kendall Compliance Group has conducted hundreds of environmental assessments in connection with business transactions throughout North America.  Our experience ranges from Transaction Screens and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for small undeveloped sites, to complex, multi-facility assessments of large manufacturing companies.  We have considerable experience supporting environmental due diligence for corporate merger and acquisitions.

Our staff includes engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, risk assessment specialists, real estate experts, and other environmental professionals.  Environmental regulation is complex. Approaches to hazardous substance contamination depend upon subtle combinations of local, state, and federal requirements. Through its strategic regional offices nationwide, The Kendall Compliance Group Engineers provides you with a national reputation and local experience.

Phase I Assessments

We provide 40 CFR 312, ASTM-E1527 and similar Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, and related transaction screens (useful for those who do not wish to conduct All Appropriate Inquiry). Typical elements include:

  • Site history, based on personal interviews, review of aerial photographs, and historical research.
  • Site reconnaissance, to identify visible signs of hazardous substances management or contamination.
  • Regulatory compliance and data base review.
  • Optional services, such as asbestos, lead paint, and radon assessments

Phase II Investigations

If a Phase I assessment concludes that an environmental problem may exist, we often are retained to implement a Phase II investigation to confirm the presence of a problem and to help determine its scope. A Phase II investigation typically includes sampling of soil, surface water, and groundwater, chemical analysis of the samples, and evaluation of the data.
Kendall Compliance Group staff are knowledgeable of the practical steps than can and should be taken to address ongoing releases and to protect human health and the environment.  We help clients who seek protection as a Bona Fide Prospective Purchaser or a Contiguous Property Owner in identifying what constitutes Appropriate Care and Reasonable Steps or Continuing Obligations in response to suspected releases.

Phase III Remediation

When warranted, we will design and help implement a practical site remediation program to meet regulatory and other criteria. Our construction group, The Kendall Compliance Group Field Services, provides specialized environmental remediation services.
The Kendall Compliance Group provides a single point of responsibility for all of your environmental needs.