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Who We Are

The Kendall Compliance Group, is a full-service concept to completion California corporation founded in 2001 providing regulatory compliance solutions, environmental engineering, air quality and environmental analyses. The Kendall Compliance Group staff is comprised of registered professionals including engineers, geologists, assessors, and Air Quality Management District certified permitting professionals with expertise in environmental regulations, public health analyses, transportation, hydrology, geology, hazardous substance and waste management services and various engineering disciplines. These individuals have many years of experience, and this experience is reflected in The Kendall Compliance Group’s record of timely, efficient and cost effective service.

What We Do

The Kendall Compliance Group provides environmental compliance planning and consultation services to clients involved in any aspect of hazardous or regulated substances management and remediation, environmental review, analysis and planning, from determining the environmental needs of a body shop to designing and permitting a regional hazardous waste incineration facility.

The Kendall Compliance Group can develop, implement and supervise your facility’s environmental compliance program; coordinate hazardous waste remediation efforts; provide hazardous substances management for your facility; organize and conduct air and water quality and hazardous substances assessment activities for your facility; audit your facility’s operations to ensure compliance with applicable regulations; assist in air quality management activities for your facility, including permitting and regulatory evaluation; prepare health risk assessments for regulatory compliance to determine potential impacts to neighbors surrounding your facility, and to establish health-based clean up levels; establish environmental quality assurance and quality control programs to ensure that your facilities and operations remain in compliance with applicable environmental regulations and maintain public health protection; prepare all necessary environmental reports and documents applicable to your facilities operations; and perform proper oversight for all other activities related to environmental analysis and hazardous substances management and remediation for your site. 

As a result of our experience and expertise in these and other areas, The Kendall Compliance Group has developed a high level of credibility with both our clients and the regulatory agencies.

How We Can Help You

The Kendall Compliance Group’s experience can be put to work to solve your problems and to achieve your goals. We work closely with our clients to provide timely and efficient services tailored to each client's specific needs. Let us show you how to put The Kendall Compliance Group’s expertise to work for you.

The Kendall Compliance Group, Inc is a Southern California based corporation.